Aggressive, Resourceful Los Angeles Business Lawyers?

Delman Vukmanovic LLP is a full–service business law firm serving Los Angeles, Orange County, and much of the greater Southern California area.

As civil litigators and trial lawyers, the firm’s award–winning attorneys tenaciously apply their expertise in a wide range of high–stakes civil litigation disputes, including commercial law, intricate business and corporate issues, employment law, intellectual property and complex real estate matters.

On the transactional side, Delman Vukmanovic’s attorneys help clients protect and grow their businesses, and collaborate and advise on a varied array of aspects pertaining to corporate legal governance and strategy.

Formidable, Tenacious Litigators

While some attorneys have a “fight fire with fire” attitude, our lawyers take a different tack, preferring to fight fire with water. Tenacious? Efficient? Of course, but our attorneys strive to swiftly and unequivocally shut the door on the other side before significant resources are expended in the often contentious litigation process. But if a courtroom battle is unavoidable, our lawyers have proven reputations as tough, thorough, aggressive trial attorneys who forcefully represent and doggedly protect our clients’ interests in a wide range of business and corporate disputes.

Counsel You Can Count On

Our clients range from individuals, to start-ups and small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. Whether you’re a big fish, or you’re David facing a team of Goliaths, when you need a law firm you must be completely confident that you are in capable hands. With so much at stake, it is critical that the legal team standing by your side is comprised of attorneys who aggressively push back against tough opposition while providing personalized service to best achieve your precise and unique goals.

Although we pride ourselves as being seasoned advocates with large law firm experience, we remain committed to the personal service, creativity and flexible fee structure associated with a boutique law firm.

Respected Transactional Attorneys

Delman Vukmanovic’s legal services don’t begin and end with litigation: our clients also value us for our transactional acumen.

As trial lawyers, our clients often hire us to litigate contracts that are unfortunately less than bullet proof. But as transactional attorneys, we have the benefit of learning where the pitfalls lie in the contracts we’ve seen in litigation disputes. This broad and varied background allows us to offer experienced transactional guidance. Our attorneys’ extensive litigation acumen guides our focused, meticulous approach to preparing contracts that safeguard client interests and anticipate those challenges that may lie ahead in the future. This is why our clients value us so highly for our unique ability to tailor our guidance to suit each client’s specific and particular business need with an eye to maximizing their full business potential.

Delman Vukmanovic LLP: Your Go-To Business Counsel

Delman Vukmanovic offers our clients a full-service law firm that can cover all of your business needs. With decades of in–the–trenches litigation experience, the firm’s attorneys have established a proven track record of routinely achieving outstanding results and consistent client satisfaction.

Our initial consultations are complimentary.

Phone: LA 213.943.1340 / OC 949.852.3590


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